The Company

This website www.travelling360.eu is managed by TRAVELLING 360 G.P., with the distinct title “TRAVELLING 360°”, tax registration nunber 801384992, Tax Office Z’ Thessaloniki, and GNTO registration number 0933E60000211901. The headquarters of the company is in Panorama Thessaloniki at the address 36 Komninon Ave., PC 55236 Greece

General Terms of Transactions

The General Trading Terms of travelling360.eu apply to all booking orders and all of its services, which are carried out by the user through the website www.travelling360.eu , by phone through the service center at +30 2310 331 332 (service at English and Greek) and at the offices of TRAVELLING 360°. By purchasing and booking an air, ferry, train and any other type of ticket, hotel reservation, car rental, cruise purchase and any other service from www.travelling360.eu , the user fully and unconditionally accepts the General Terms.

Note that only the Hellenic version of the Terms and Conditions is legally binding. Any translations provided are for your convenience only. In case of any discrepancy between the translation and the Hellenic version of the stated Terms and Conditions, the Hellenic version shall prevail.

Phone customer service

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 (EET)

Saturday: 11:00 – 14:00 (EET)

Any request made outside of the customer service telephone hours, either via email or by phone call, is received the next business day.


What we offer

travelling360.eu is a website that acts as a service intermediary for air, ferry, rail, and bus ticket, hotel reservation, car rental, package tours, cruises, and on demand private transportation, provided by those mentioned on the website of each service. The user should consult the General Transaction Terms of each provider. In case the reservation is made, the contract is binding exclusively on the user and the provider of the specific product or service.


The travelling360.eu fee for its mediation is included in the total price of the offered service or product. travelling360.eu is informed about the prices of travel products and services by the respective provider. For price changes from the provider travelling360.eu bears no responsibility. travelling360.eu is not responsible for any booking fees imposed by the respective provider in the event of cancellation of the trip or provision of services. These fees are borne exclusively by the user. Reservations not made directly through travelling360.eu may be priced differently.

Payment options

The payment methods are listed in detail on the travelling360.eu website separately for each product or service. Only payment methods listed on the website will be accepted. Most types of credit and debit cards are accepted. In case the payment method is made by credit / debit card, the entire amount will be charged upon completion of the reservation. travelling360.eu has the right to send tickets, booking confirmations and other travel documents, exclusively to the address stated by the user at his bank or to the issuer of his credit card.

Payment fraud If we have reason to believe that fraud is being committed, we reserve the right to refuse to process such payment. Identification of the payment may be requested in case of suspicion of a criminal act. All forms of payment fraud will be reported to the police.

Cancellations, changes

The possibility of changing or canceling a ticket, a trip or another product or service provided by travelling360.eu depends solely on the terms set by the respective provider. The costs that may arise in the event of a change or cancellation of a travel service, which is determined solely by the terms of each provider, are borne solely by the user. In the event that the provider gives the user the right to cancel or change the selected product or service, the user, who wishes to make any change or cancellation of a reservation, is obliged to inform travelling360.eu via email at [email protected]  or call +30 2310 331332 regarding his request. If the cancellation / change order is sent out of business hours then the next business day will be considered as the day of receipt of the relevant order. travelling360.eu can not cancel or modify any booking without the written consent of the user.   As an additional service of ours, we offer the possibility to manage this request on your behalf, if the terms of the airline allow it. If you did not purchase our service package at the time of your booking, you can purchase it afterwards when you request our assistance. Regarding the prices of our services, please find out by clicking here.


Refunds are determined by the respective airline, which is your contractual partner for the flight. We, as intermediaries, have no influence on these terms. The cancellation date depends on the type of service. In particular, in case of cancellation or change concerning airline tickets, the refund will be made if the airline itself has advanced and completed the refund process. The refund to the customer will be made no earlier than 30 working days from the date the airline has proceeded with the full refund. For possible delays due to the airline, TRAVELLING 360 ° does not bear any responsibility. Refunds for the other services of travelling360.eu will be made after 30 days from the date of cancellation. As an additional service of ours, we offer the possibility to manage this request on your behalf, if the terms of the airline allow it. If you did not purchase our service package at the time of your booking, you can purchase it afterwards when you request our assistance. Regarding the prices of our services, please find out by clicking here.


By filling in the relevant fields of the special booking form on the website and completing the booking process, the user explicitly instructs travelling360.eu to mediate for the provision of travel service, which is offered by the respective provider, or any other service which related to the execution of a trip. The following actions in particular mean the user’s instructions for the mediation of travelling360.eu regarding the services and products offered through the website: Reservations, which are made by the user through the website www.travelling360.eu Reservations, which are made by phone or in person at the TRAVELLING 360 ° offices.The booking order binds the user in any case. In case of short-term changes to any service by the provider chosen by the user, e.g. in case of delay or cancellation of the flight, change of car type, type of accommodation, etc., travelling360.eu will try to contact the user by phone or e-mail and inform the user about it, if it receives timely information from the supplier. For transfers, delays and cancellations of flights or other travel services and products of the supplier travelling360.eu bears absolutely no responsibility. The user is responsible for complying with the terms set by the respective supplier, such as. the conditions set by each airline or ferry company regarding the “check in” time. The user is informed about these terms by the specific provider. All flight times mentioned are in local time. Flights arriving the next day are indicated by a “+1” in the flight schedule. The reported flight times are preliminary and subject to change with minimal notice after the ticket is issued, for example due to flight control system restrictions, weather or operating restrictions by the airline. Please be informed of the current hours well before your flight. Please comply with airline ticketing and check-in times. Airlines have the right to deny you boarding if you arrive late for check-in. Keep in mind that some airline companies encourage check-in through their own website, as they may charge for check-in at the airport counter.

Combination of individual tickets A combination of two separate one-way tickets instead of one return ticket is clearly marked as such during the booking process. Tickets are subject to independent processing in case of cancellation, change, disruption of air traffic, such as strikes and changes in flight schedules. The regulations of each airline will apply. Airline tickets with separate booking numbers are always considered as trips that are independent of each other.  

Airline tickets with several strands / order of use Your return ticket or one-way ticket may consist of several parts. Under the terms of most airlines, these strands must be used sequentially. Otherwise, many airlines refuse to carry on the subsequent flight (e.g. not using one leg of a trip could cancel the rest of the ticket). For return tickets, your non-appearance on the return flight could result in your airline canceling your return flight.

Loss / damage luggage As intermediaries, we do not bear any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Any problems must be reported immediately to the airline representative at the airport.                 

Transfer and overnight Generally, the price of the air ticket does not include land transfer and / or overnight during your trip. It is your personal responsibility to control the timetable and prices of land transport. 

Response time between flights Standard tickets booked through the website have approved response times. The time required for in-flight responses is calculated by the airlines. If a flight is delayed and you miss the flight, the airlines are obliged to help you reach your final destination. When booking separate tickets, airlines are not responsible for any missed responses due to delays. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that the response time is adequate depending on the airlines and airports. Any additional costs incurred due to lost responses are not reimbursed.

Double booking Double booking means that two or more bookings with the same passenger name have been made on the same airline. If you have a double booking, the airline can cancel the trip / trips. This can also happen if bookings are made at different travel agencies. We are not responsible for airline cancellations or airline refusal to refund in cases of double booking. 

Cancellation or delay of flights

If you are traveling to or from the EU or with an EU air carrier, you may be entitled to claim reimbursement for expenses that you may incur directly with the airline concerned if your flight is canceled, delayed or you are not allowed to board the flight. web page: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/GA/TXT/?uri=CELEX:32004R0261 Air carrier liability Regulation (EC) No 889/2002 for the liability of the air carrier in case of an accident can be found on the website: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex%3A32002R0889

Banned airlines in the EU (blacklisted) It is noted that some airlines are banned from operating within the EU, in accordance with a decision of the European Commission in close consultation with the national aviation authorities. These airlines are banned because they are considered unsafe or not subject to adequate control by their home authorities. You can see which airlines have the ban through the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/transport/sites/transport/files/air-safety-list_en.pdf 

In the event that the user violates the general terms of use of the website, travelling360.eu has the right to reject orders regarding its booking.

Booking confirmation

In case of booking through the website of TRAVELLING 360° the user will receive from travelling360.eu or directly from the service provider the confirmation for his booking via email.

Sending Travel Documents

In case of booking and / or purchasing a tourist service through the website travelling360.eu or its partners the user will receive a confirmation for the booking via email. The way the user enters the name in the system must correspond exactly to the way it is written in the passport or ID. We ask that you check the accuracy of all data before completing your booking request. Requests for subsequent change may incur significant additional costs. We may need to contact you, as in the case of subsequent changes to the travel services you have purchased. You must provide accurate contact information, such as telephone number and email address. You should also constantly check if you have received a message from travelling360.eu. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you are able to receive our messages. We are not responsible if you do not receive a message from travelling360.eu due to circumstances that we reasonably cannot control, including: you entered the wrong email address, your email settings do not allow our email to reach you, its settings your emails treat our message as spam. Airline tickets are sent to the user as electronic tickets (e-ticket) via email. The user in case of non-receipt of an electronic ticket must contact our offices. In case of reservations concerning hotels and car rentals the user receives an email with the confirmation of his reservation as well as the prepaid order for the hotel or the car rental company respectively. Attention, the printing of the voucher and its presentation to the respective provider on the date of your arrival / receipt of the vehicle is mandatory. In case of organized trips, the user will receive the relevant documents by mail or email, or from the office of TRAVELLING 360° if they arrive within the company’s opening hours. TRAVELLING 360 ° is not responsible for lost tickets and travel documents, which are sent by post.

Provisions for passports, visas, foreign exchange and sanitary provisions

Passport, visa and / or health requirements are subject to change, so you should check with the relevant authority long before you travel. It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and, if necessary, a visa. It is important to remember to include all the transit points of your trip, which may also require a visa. Obtaining a visa can often take time, so it is advisable to apply well in advance. We take no responsibility for customers who do not have the correct documents. Each destination has its own requirements for entry formalities, vaccinations, and others, which may also vary depending on the passenger’s nationality. It is your responsibility to collect this information. Any incident resulting from non-compliance with such formal regulations will not be considered our responsibility. Therefore, we urge you to always check the various formulations of the selected countries of destination or transit, as well as the time it takes to take all the necessary steps.

Exclusion of liability

You agree that we act as an intermediary between you and the service provider. Under no circumstances will we be held responsible for the travel services booked by one or more service providers, and we do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies in the information displayed on our website and provided by each service provider. TRAVELLING 360 ° and consequently the websites owned by it do not bear any responsibility for:

— The unavailability of the respective service or product

— Errors, omissions, breaches or denials of the respective supplier 

— Injury, death, destruction of property or other damages that may result from the services of the respective supplier.

— Delays and cancellations of excessive detentions, strike, force majeure that are not under its direct control.

— The privacy policy of third party websites.

— The information provided and published by the respective supplier for the services offered.

If a service provider is unable to provide the travel service for any reason, including the event that the service provider declares bankruptcy, we can only act as an intermediary and refund payments when we have already received such payments from that service provider. services. Also travelling360.eu has no liability for compensation for anyone additional exit, omission, delay, change of route or act of any state or other authority. In rare cases, the air ticket price displayed on the website www.travelling360.eu may not be valid upon confirmation of the reservation. travelling360.eu is bound only for the price indicated on the sending of the electronic ticket. Our website does not recommend a specific hotel and does not guarantee the quality of all the hotels presented on our website. As far as our services are concerned, we are responsible for damages that are subject to the restrictions set forth in these terms and to the extent permitted by law. We are only liable for direct damages that you have suffered, paid or actually incurred and that are due to a lack of our obligations regarding our services, up to the total amount of the cost of your booking. The limitation of liability that is defined also applies to breaches of duty by persons for whose fault we are responsible in accordance with legal provisions. travelling360.eu, its partners and suppliers have the right to improve or change the website whenever they deem it necessary.

User responsibility

You must be at least 18 years old and comply with the legal requirements to use this website to make a reservation on the website. The user also assumes responsibility for any use of the website by minors on his behalf. Any use of the website for misleading, for-profit or purposes that could cause a malfunction in the provision of its services is prohibited. Any illegal movement in the use of the website will result in the exclusion of the user from access to the services provided by it. Each user is obliged to enter the correct contact details when booking and guarantees the correctness and completeness of all information and data concerning the user or his family members, which are transmitted during the use of this website. In case of error travelling360.eu does not bear any responsibility. If the user represents a company and wants to issue an invoice, he must enter the correct details for the issue.

Copyright, trademarks

The copyright and protected rights of the website belong to travelling360.eu. The contents of the website belong exclusively to travelling360.eu unless the ownership of a third party is expressly stated. TRAVELLING 360 °, as well as all trademarks, logos, website www.travelling360.eu and all graphic designs displayed on this site are the property of TRAVELLING 360°. No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the manufacturer. For commercial, advertising or any other use of the content of the website, this is allowed only with the written permission of travelling360.eu.

Applicable law

Hellenic law governs exclusively these terms and conditions, as well as the contract between you and us. The courts of Thessaloniki are designated as competent for any dispute that may arise. As a consumer, you will benefit from any mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which you reside. Nothing in these terms, including this section, affects your rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local law.

Electronic Dispute Resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for electronic dispute resolution on the website: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Modification of the General Terms of Transactions

travelling360.eu has the right at any time to modify or renew the above terms of transaction regarding the use of this website without creating an obligation to inform the user about it. The general terms of transactions as they apply at the moment will be displayed on the website. By using the website after the modification of the general terms of use, the user accepts the relevant modification.


We take the protection of your personal data seriously. You will find detailed information on the collection, processing and use of your personal data in our privacy statement.

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