1. Travel Policies by airlines

Many airlines and airports are now enforcing the usage of mouth covering masks. As a traveler, it is your responsibility to check the travel conditions for the airports you are passing through, and each airline’s special conditions. We recommend you check your specific airline’s website regarding special rules onboard. Be aware that in many cases airlines are now refusing travelers to board if they do not have a protective face mask. In many cases, these rules apply even for children


2. Coronavirus Travel Regulations Map

Ready, Set, Fly! But before you go check this interactive map provided by IATA for information about the country you like to visit….

Covid-19 Travel and entry restriction by country

3. Destination Information

Planning a trip to the following countries? Make sure to read up on any travel restrictions before you make those plans reality, just to know that you can book and travel in full confidence. Below are a few links with things to consider, including a section with all the actions taken to make traveling as safe as possible, and a link to some general COVID-19 related information from the local CDC and Governments.