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Online reservations and ticketing for any airline, hotel reservations, car rentals, train, ferry, bus tickets.

All-inclusive excursions on the mainland in Greece and of the Greek islands.

Organizing for companies, teams, groups of any event, conference, and excursion. 

Our travel agency issuing all the necessary documents for your trip, like VISA, ESTA, etc. and any desired insurance so that you have a carefree trip.

Alternatively, we can take you to the most exotic, cosmopolitan places for the ultimate relaxation.

In all of our long-haul trips, you will have the benefit of direct contact either from our website’s live chat either from skype or whats app, so that you have virtual guidance all the time on your journey.

Individually ferry ticketing and island hopping from our site at your own peace.

Flexible multiday excursions trips by our company’s minivan. Private transfer on demand.

Tailor-made trips according to anyone’s desire and needs. Discover the everyday life of different nations, countries, cultures, traditions on one multi-country journey.

Adjustment of our ready packages according to your preferences. On several long-haul trips there will be a physical presence of our agency so you can get the maximum experience without wasting time to discover and search by your own the secrets of the destinations you are choosing.

Undiscovered places on earth

Live the absolute alternative experience of
Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian, Trans-Manchurian
or even to the most undiscovered place on earth like the North Pole.

with local guides and tours on every destination.